The concept of Group Discount comes from that of Group buying. Group Buying is the act of collectively buying in a group so as to avail oneself to the cheapest possible price of the commodity. The origin of the concept can be traced back to china, where a group of people collectively bought the same product they wanted to and asked for a discount.
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A lot of companies come up with group offers trying to attract the public with the phase “Deal of the day”. In this approach the companies get request from a group of customers willing to buy the same product. They then try to crack a deal with a local merchant who agrees to provide goods at a cheaper price and earn profit. Buyers then print off a voucher to claim their discounts to the dealers. Most of the group buying sites work by negotiating deals with local merchants and promising to deliver a higher foot count in exchange for better prices.

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In India Group discount has touched lives in various sectors, Walmart or Best price in India is the perfect example of group buying. Walmart provides its members with the opportunity to buy products at the cheapest price without even buying in bulk.

IT is also one of the areas that bulk buying has touched. In 2000 came a new start-up, Mercata by the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen which brought the concept of “we commerce “.In this individual customers would sign-up in group to buy the products and the price of the product will fall further as the no. of people willing to buy it increase. However the site was shut down in 2001 as it could not compete with sites like

Group buying today has taken many forms, group buys earlier were referred to as whole sale buying. Most shoppers have also started to leverage the group buying model for purposes of buying other consumer durables. Group buying sites are back in demand as small businesses look for ways to promote their product to budget-conscious consumers in a weak global economy. Group buying is also used for purchasing real estate properties. For example companies like GrpDiscount provide Group Discount on Real Estate in India.

When you are looking for group discount on real estate or cars in India, GrpDiscount comes to your rescue. It comes to the rescue of anyone who is looking for property and wishes to buy a car.
It not only provides this offers on real estate and cars, it also allows you to join a group on the website itself. This new innovative venture is worth giving a try.

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