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E-Verification of your Tax Return:

Why E-verification of tax return: Now no need to sign the ITR return form and send it to Bangalore. You can easily do the e-verification by the steps provided below and conveniently submit your ITR return at the comfort of your home. No need to go to post office and post it. it’s Free of cost.

We have multiple options to validate our income tax return through Electronic Verification Code (EVC). This code should be generated within 120 days from e-filing your tax return. This code can be generated in four different ways.

We recommend that you generate EVC using internet banking.

Applicable to specified banks by the ITD (all popular Indian banks such as ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak and SBI are listed) and only to customers who have validated PAN as a part of KYC.

1. Login to your bank account with your login id and password. Note that this bank should be one of the banks listed by the income tax department for generation of EVC.

2. Click on the link to the income tax departments website so that you are re-directed to the Governments tax e-filing website.

Please find the below screenshot for ICICI Bank:

3. Now you are automatically logged into your account on the income tax departments e-filing portal. Please go to efile section as shown below:

Screenshot 2016-07-08 08.12.24

Screenshot 2016-07-08 08.14.27

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